Selfish Husband Wanted To Leave Her Penniless

Here’s the story of Ralph Austin, an 89-years-old retired doctor who loved his money more than his family.

After 50 years of marriage, his wife Virginia shared her story with our reporter.

‘’Ralph and I met when we were both at College. I was studying to become a dentist and he wanted to be a surgeon. We both achieved our medical goals but Ralph’s lust for money often caused problems between us. Ralph loved money more than anything, even family.’’

Those that knew him used to call him a cheapskate. No wonder, he was constantly counting money and always advising others to save theirs. Throughout the years, I truly loved him but I have to admit, it wasn’t easy being married to a miser……….

When our kids started College, the College, he demanded that they pay rent! I told him it was unfair but he wouldn’t listen.

“I’ve worked hard all these years building this house. Why should they live here for free?”

It turns out that Ralph’s parents were exactly the same when it came to money so at least I knew where he got it from.

I often joked that he had a ‘built in radar’ for bargains. He was always on the lookout for discounts, and any other kind of money-saving offers. Coupons, should have been his second name! He would spend hours in the basement cutting them out from newspapers and then sorting them. Sometimes, he would even sneak onto our neighbors’ porch and steal their newspapers just to get extra coupons. He called it “borrowing”. It had become an obsession.

One day, in an effort get Ralph away from Couponing, I asked our granddaughter to show him how the internet worked, and guess what…He started browsing the internet for hours just to find special offers of coupons online and I regretted suggesting the idea.

Everyone that knew us criticized Ralph for being stingy, but it didn’t bother him. He remained loyal to his hobby till the very end.

Saving money should benefit the family

You know, I was sure he was always penny pinching because he simply wanted to secure the future of his family. With 3 kids and 7 grandchildren, he had reason to save. At least that’s what I thought.

Mr Scrooge finally shows his face.

Ralph hadn’t been well for a while and when he finally saw his Doctor the diagnosis was not good. Ralph had severe pneumonia and was instantly admitted to hospital. I asked him so many times to quit smoking but he wouldn’t listen…

The Doctors told us he didn’t have long to live and being a Doctor himself, Ralph knew this too. One day he asked me to visit him urgently as he had some important money matters to discuss.

I had never been hungry for money and I had hoped he had finally come around and would ask me to equally share his fortune between our children. I was wrong……

“Listen Virginia, I need you to do something urgent for me. When I die, I want you to take all the money I have and bury it with me. I have worked for it, and I want it right by my side.”

Not wanting to worsen his condition, I promised to fulfill his last wish, but deep inside I was hurt, not because I realized I was losing my husband, but more because I realized who he really was. This old man did not care for his family, only for his money.

I started to work out a plan. I couldn’t let my family down. His money could be well-spent securing their futures.

Two weeks later Ralph passed away. Although I was grieving, I started putting my plan into action.

The funeral took place at our local church and just before his coffin was about to be lowered into the grave, I opened the coffin and placed a shoebox next to Ralph’s body.

My best friend Annabelle was at my side and she asked me what I was doing.

I explained that Ralph demanded to be buried with his fortune and I was fulfilling his last wish.

“Why would you do that? She exclaimed.

‘’He’s dead and he would never find out if you kept the money! How did you even fit his vast fortune in a shoebox?”

I couldn’t wait to reveal the truth.

“Well, I transferred all his money to my bank account first and then wrote him a check. Good luck with cashing it!”

Virginia giggles after the telling of her ingenious revenge story.

I loved Ralph and was always ready to do anything for him but his last wish was just ridiculous and it proved him to be the scrooge that he was. I had to think of my children and grandchildren.

Virginia is now free to do whatever she wants with the money. She plans to use it smartly and has already set-up a trust fund for her grandchildren.

Virginia has to take full credit for her ingenious way of dealing with her situation.

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