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The woman tackling child marriage with football

“It would have been an easier option to stay in Nairobi, practise law and earn some good money, drive a cool Mercedes-Benz. But I just wanted to come back home.” That was the life that Fatuma Abdulkadir Adan could have lived in Kenya’s capital. Instead she chose to focus on football – in an area […]

Lighter lips: The new trend

Every now and then, certain cosmetic procedures tend to find a lot of takers. Currently, women in the city are looking for ways to lighten their lips. To attain the required results, they have turned to lip lightening laser procedures. We asked experts to shed light on the matter… WHO’S GOING FOR IT? Experts say […]

Brush with caution

Who doesn’t want whiter looking teeth and flash a million dollar smile? While many of us don’t wish to opt for cosmetic dental procedures to achieve it, we are more tempted and likely to pick up toothpastes that claim to whiten the teeth. Of latel, activated charcoal and whitening toothpastes are available not just over-the-counter […]

Dreaming about WhatsApp and SMS

Letters are hand written or nowadays typed, are a form of communication sent by people to each other through post. The former was used excessively in the past but now this phenomenon has no longer is popular among youth. Therefore, now we use WhatsApp or text message to get quick replies and send our message […]

Do you like the quaint, mystic touch of dream-catchers, paisley, and tie-dye? Clearly, you love the much-in-trend boho style, which is often not completely understood. Boho, as a fashion statement, is a short word for bohemian and is associated with fashion inspired by free-spirited hippies of the 60s and 70s who donned eclectic clothing. The […]