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Woman loses almost $900 after Uber Eats scam

Woman loses almost $900 after Uber Eats scam Uber Eats hacked: Woman has $877 skimmed from her bank account after a hacker goes on a spending spree Over $800 charged to woman’s account after downloading Uber Eats app Charges came from New York City but the woman was in New Zealand The account was deleted […]

NZ deputy principal slams 30,000 teachers for going on strike

NZ deputy principal slams 30,000 teachers for going on strike ‘It’s a pretty sweet gig’: Deputy principal slams 30,000 teachers for going on strike – as he argues their ‘sulking’ isn’t setting a good example for their students A deputy principal has slammed teachers across New Zealand for going on strike He said teachers aren’t […]

Floating icebergs to Mid-East

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) likes to do things big and bold. But a concept from an ambitious Emirati businessman environmentalist could create perhaps one of the most surprising sights yet – icebergs floating just offshore. He is Mr Abdullah Mohammad Sulaiman Al Shehi, managing director of the National Advisor Bureau company. His concept – […]

Tokyo Medical School Allegedly Gave Women Lower Scores To Give More Spots To Men

A prestigious Japanese medical university allegedly doctored female applicants’ entrance exam scores for years because school officials believed that once women get married or have children they are less dependable workers than men. The Yomiuri Shimbun, one of Japan’s largest daily newspapers, published a groundbreaking report Thursday that accused Tokyo Medical University of deducting points […]

Defense Department bans geolocation features on tech devices due to security risk

The Department of Defense is prohibiting personnel from using geolocation features on their devices while serving in certain locations after concerns that the information transmitted from such devices was jeopardizing the security of American forces around the world, including those deployed in classified or sensitive areas. The new policy, which is effective immediately, follows reports […]

Selfish Husband Wanted To Leave Her Penniless

Here’s the story of Ralph Austin, an 89-years-old retired doctor who loved his money more than his family. After 50 years of marriage, his wife Virginia shared her story with our reporter. ‘’Ralph and I met when we were both at College. I was studying to become a dentist and he wanted to be a […]